This is only a sketch of our day so far, we’ll be adding more content soon!

We met this morning and went to see the Red Square: we went briefly inside St Basil’s cathedral, the ГУМ shopping center and the Kremlin. Inside the latter were various incredible cathedrals, but we were especially excited to have a small tour of the Ivan the Great Tower with its bell collection and view!

After this tour of some of most spectacular buildings in Moscow, we were to meet at 4pm with a BBC reporter at the Kazan Cathedral on Red Square. The reporter stayed with us and Father Roman for the rest of the afternoon, preparing a BBC special on Russian bells—we can’t wait to hear it!

We were allowed into the bell tower of the Kazan cathedral and rung three peals up there. What an honor!

There was another surprise coming: Father Roman led us to another cathedral down the street and up the bell tower, where he was finally allowed to ring a short peal.

We returned in great haste to the Danilov Monastery, as Father Roman was to lead the service of the evening service. We spent this time in the Danilov belltower and had the incredible privilege of ringing the original Danilov bell set, the very ones that hung at Harvard for 80 years during the Soviet regime.

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We ended the day with a wonderful dinner and tea in the refectory.

Tomorrow, we will have special services at the monastery and a visit to the museum!


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