We’ve been on a long road trip today. Arrived at 1:15am at our hotel, so this entry is only a sketch for the moment. We travelled from Rostov to Tikhvin today: check out the map! (it includes the leg from yesterday and tomorrow as well)

In the morning we had a breakfast and visit of the beautiful and historic Rostov Monastery. We were given the chance to hear the original set of Rostov bells being played, then toured the monastery including a small bell museum where we met one of the administrators of the monastery. Finally we were allowed to play peals in a smaller bell tower: it was a lot of fun!

A part of the incredible Rostov Kremlin

We travelled to Rybinsk, where we were greeted by a ringer that showed us the bell tower of his church—with a full set of historical bells and clock tower mechanism—before graciously inviting us to a very tradition Russian lunch in the church refectory. We very much enjoyed the fantastic opportunity to practice our peals on these historic bells!

We drove on rough roads around a big artificial lake and ended in Cherepovets, where we had dinner and said farewell to Aaron at the train station. He is taking a train to Saint-Petersburg in order to catch an early flight tomorrow. Safe travels Aaron!

Finally after dozing on and off for a good four hours of night driving, we arrived at Tikhvin, our stop for the night.

More details and photos coming soon, stay tuned!


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